Compass: What You Can Expect

We are committed to doing the following with excellence.

Worship (Wednesday nights, 8:30-9:30pm, beginning August 26)

We will always provide opportunities for you to have a meaningful, spiritually enriching experience with God. Each week, the Compass young adult service will weave ancient spiritual practices, rich moments of prayer, high quality modern music, and genuinely helpful teaching all together to inspire you in your spiritual journey and empower you to live a life of worship. Nicholas Jackson, Worship Director, and the worship band from our Sunday morning services will lead each week. Jim Murphy, NextGen Pastor, will be teaching most weeks but we’ll also have the other pastors, other young adults, and some guests speaking as well.

Community (Wednesday nights, 9:30-10:30pm)

We will always strive to build the best community experience possible. Each week we’ll serve up some yummy deserts and beverages in the courtyard so you can grab something to eat and make some friends. Our goal is to help you connect with other young adults to form mutually encouraging and meaningful friendships, so that you can become the person God intended you to be. Our desire is for this community to be full of grace and free of judgement for all to feel welcomed and wanted.

Someday, we’ll begin forming small groups but in these early days

Because we’ll be maintaining connections with the campus ministries of BSU, you’ll also have lots of opportunities to participate in various campus activities

Serving (Other days of the week)

We’ll provide meaningful opportunities for you to connect with others of the Covenant Church to serve the Bemidji area through what we call “Unleashing Teams”. We have numerous opportunities such as serving at the Bemidji Soup Kitchen, helping with S.O.S. (Servants of Shelter) a join initiative  by area Bemidji churches to provide shelter for people who are homeless during the winter, volunteering in ministry with kids and teenagers, and many others, as well.

Spiritual Growth

We also provide several bible studies and classes each Wednesday at 6:15pm that you could join to further your understanding of the Bible or deepen your faith life. Watch for their listings here soon.

All of these experiences together will empower you to be who God intends you to be. We hope you jump in and join us. Can’t wait to see you there!